Welcome Gillian Summers, Our New Life Enrichment Director

Our new Life Enrichment Director was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Though she loved Great Britain, Gillian Summers didn’t love its weather. So she grabbed her backpack and took off to travel through Australia, New Zealand and Asia while she was in her late 20s. She ended up in Canada before she emigrated to America in her late 30s.

Gillian has worked as an Registered Nurse throughout California, starting in San Juan Capistrano, then to San Francisco where she has a sister, and north to Arcata. She also spent some time as a wellness nurse for a senior living community in Hawaii.

About three years ago in Portland, Oregon, she transitioned into Life Enrichment, then worked with Brookdale in Chicago. But still feeling some wanderlust, she embarked on a grand tour of America and drove her Honda across the country, ending up in Carpinteria as GranVida’s Life Enrichment Director.

She has many hobbies such as arts and crafts, as well as hiking near the ocean. But she especially enjoys writing, performing and storytelling, as she once did from San Francisco to Portland to Chicago.

Soon, Gillian hopes to leverage her power of storytelling with GranVida’s community of vibrant residents. After all, everyone has a great life story and Gillian loves listening to them.

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