GranVida Is Very Big on Small Pets

Prospective residents often ask if pets are allowed at GranVida. The short answer is “Yes”. The longer answer is “Residents are actually encouraged to bring their small pets to live with them here at GranVida.”

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Our Local Heroes of the National Police Dog Foundation

Over 100 residents, families, friends and neighbors gathered at GranVida recently to participate in a demonstration by the National Police Dog Foundation who showcased their local K-9 units at work and at play with their handlers.

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Einstein Is In The House

“2001: A Space Odyssey” has the “HAL-9000” computer. IBM has “Watson”. And GranVida has “Einstein”. That’s our affectionate nickname for “It’s Never 2 Late®” (IN2L), the world’s leading provider of person-centered engagement here at GranVida. [...]

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GranVida Memory Screening Attracts Overflow Crowd

GranVida recently hosted a “Memory Screening” event for those: • Who had a concern about memory loss • Whose family and friends have noticed changes in them or • Who believed they were at risk due to a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or related illness.

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SBCC Center of Lifelong Learning for Older Adult Students Comes to GranVida

Join us as Santa Barbara City College brings their "Music of Our Lives and Times" and "Art Experiences and Conversations" classes to GranVida. This wonderful opportunity is available to anyone and everyone who enjoys a [...]

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