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Meet Zenia Mojica, GranVida Sales Assistant

Born and raised in Southern California, Zenia launched her career in senior living in her hometown of Ventura. This led to seven years of fostering relationships with the residents and the management team while receiving most of her training. In 2016, Zenia became Resident Assistant Leader in Memory Support here at GranVida Senior Living. "I was actually one of the first employees to be hired," she says.

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Meet Felipe Garcia, Our Memory Care Coordinator

Felipe grew up and lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for most of his life. A few years ago, he came to visit his parents in Ventura, then got a job offer in Santa Barbara working with individuals with mental and physical disabilities. "I never imagined I was going to stay here, but the love for my elderly parents convinced me to provide more care and love than I could from Mexico.” He's been with GranVida since 2017 as our Memory Care Coordinator.

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GranVida Gallery Art Show Was A Creative Success

Our first in a series of “Keeping It Local” GranVida Gallery Art Shows featuring juried entries was everything our local artists and guests hoped it to be. Ranell Hansen of Around The Block Quilting Studio was one of the many prominent artists. She and other local artists such as photographer Ted Rhodes and painter Janey Cohen from the Carpinteria Arts Center displayed a variety of their paintings, quilts and sculptures.

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Welcome Gillian Summers, Our New Life Enrichment Director

Our new Life Enrichment Director was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Though she loved Great Britain, Gillian didn't love its weather. So she grabbed her backpack to travel through Australia, New Zealand and Asia while she was in her late 20s. She ended up in Canada before she emigrated to America in her late 30s and becoming a Registered Nurse.

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GranVida Grandparent Buddies for High School Students

Sometimes, teenagers need a little guidance. Most times, grandparents are great role models. That’s the concept behind the GranVida Grandparent Buddy Program in partnership with Rincon High School, where both sides are benefitting in Carpinteria.

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