Meet Felipe Garcia, Our Memory Care Coordinator

Felipe has been with GranVida since 2017. He grew up and lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for most of his life. He attended the University of Guadalajara where he took Psychology, Sociology and Accounting classes. Because he was always very artistic and creative, Felipe wanted to positively influence people’s lives, so he became a make-up artist and hair stylist, opening a studio with his sister in his home town.

“My studio became very popular and my clientele got bigger each year,” Felipe says. “A few years ago, I came to visit my parents in Ventura, then got a job offer in Santa Barbara working with individuals with mental and physical disabilities. I never imagined I was going to stay here and give up my life in Guadalajara, but the love for my elderly parents convinced me to provide more care and love than I could from Mexico.”

His sister kept the business and is still running it successfully in Guadalajara. “I do miss those times every so often,” he adds, “but the satisfaction of giving care for my family and residents is why I’m here.”

At GranVida, he enjoys providing happiness for the residents and brightening their days with a variety of enriching activities. “I love seeing the residents’ faces showing a smile of affection and deep appreciation for my time shared with them,” adds Felipe. “That actually is the greatest feeling ever!!”

“I wouldn’t change what I have now, not even for all the VIP parties with celebrities and famous people I used to work with,” he continues. “Thanks to my present life, my spiritual side is in better balance now than it was before.”

When he’s not at work, Felipe enjoys spending time with his loved ones, including his beautiful Maltese dog named Wiwiches.

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