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“Home-style” cooking is a hallmark of the GranVida experience.

Everything we serve is made fresh with a farm-to-table philosophy. Where possible, Central California Coast fishermen, farmers and ranchers supply the fruits, vegetables and protein for GranVida dining.

Our varied menus are full of flavor and comfort food, all tailored to the tastes of our residents. Think of your favorite family dishes, then add lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

For dessert, traditional favorites of apple pie à la mode, lemon meringue pie and ice cream are mixed in with chef specialties like crème brûlée.

For residents with low-salt, diabetic and other special dietary needs, we provide well-balanced, healthy meals but we never scrimp on flavor. The low-salt dishes feature other equally tasty herbs and spices.

Every meal represents a social engagement rather than just a plate of food for our residents, their families and guests. This is why GranVida offers all-day, restaurant-style dining, a more casual bistro, as well as private dining for special occasions.