Groundbreaking news in senior living coming to Carpinteria

Teri Conklin, Vice President of Seniority, Inc., discusses the groundbreaking of GranVida on Young At Heart Radio. The listening audience heard what GranVida will offer, where it’s located, what its name means and when it will open.

Here are some excerpts:

  • GranVida is the new senior living community in Carpinteria for Assisted Living and Memory Care, located very conveniently off Highway 101 on Carpinteria Avenue.
  • GranVida will be housed in a former office building, but a nice entry way and a back patio area are being added.
  • GranVida means “Grand Life”, it will house 76 seniors, and will open in Winter 2016.
  • GranVida will offer Assisted Living as personal care for seniors. If a resident needs any assistance dressing, bathing and medication monitoring, they would benefit from Assisted Living.
  • If one spouse of a couple needs Assisted Living and one does not need it, GranVida can keep them together because each resident is evaluated by a team member for his or her care needs.
  • For Memory Care, GranVida will provide a specially designated program and secure area for residents with dementia to meet their particular needs. These residents are offered individual care and life enrichment programs to keep their minds engaged.

The GranVida sales office is located 5464 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013.

For more information or your personal appointment, call 805-566-0017.

The entire interview for your listening pleasure:

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