Free Audiology Screening Event Was Heard Loud and Clear

Approximately 20 residents, friends and family members participated in our recent Complimentary Hearing Screening Event at GranVida.

John “Chuck” Sasala, M.A., F AAA –– an Audiology and Speech Science expert with Hearing Aid Systems in Santa Barbara –– and his assistant Cheryl Washburn-Lander, performed individual 15-minute hearing screenings throughout the day.

“We had compliments all day about our services and the comfortableness of this senior living community,” said Mr. Sasala. “Just about everyone who was tested was most appreciative to be able to see and hear the results of their screening. In fact, many clients were aware of increasing difficulty with speech, TV and telephones.”

More Than 60% Showed Hearing Loss.
In particular, over 60% of those who attended showed hearing loss after being tested, while two more attendees were borderline for hearing loss. All of these people were offered a complimentary follow-up hearing test at the office of Mr. Sasala, during which they will undergo a comprehensive audiological study and consultation.

“What’s important for the patients with hearing loss,” he added, “is the understanding that correcting their hearing is essential for their overall health, well-being and safety. Hearing aids enable them to connect with their loves ones and the environment. Often, it’s sounds warn us that something may not be quite right around us. But without hearing aids, these sounds are often completely missed.”

Hearing Loss Is Related to Other Health-Related Issues.
These can include:
• Cognitive decline
• Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
• Risk for falling
• Depression
• Life span
• Affects of cancer treatment
• Cardiovascular health
• Diabetes
• Tinnitus
• Stress
• And overall communicative disorders.

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