First One In, Last One Out: My Evacuation Story

I was lucky enough to be the first resident at GranVida Senior Living and Memory Care in February 2017.

A few weeks before our evacuation on December 7, we were given emergency backpacks which we were asked to pack with our basic necessities. I am so glad I had done this.

The staff here at GranVida did an amazing job of finding places for us at various retirement homes in Santa Barbara. It took what seemed forever, with the more severely handicapped leaving first.

We were kept informed as to what was happening and were given a box meal when dinnertime arrived. I was one of the last to leave and lucked out by being sent to Doubletree Inn.

At the hotel, we were helped to settle in with the aid of Anita Mitchell, the Regional Marketing Manager, and Nicolo Amari, the COO, of Seniority, Inc. GranVida sent two resident aides to give medication and other assistance to those who needed it. We were treated like royalty.

I had forgotten to bring my battery charger and Nicolo went back to my room in GranVida to retrieve it. He also sent someone to buy supplies I needed for my cats. When it came time to leave, Anita was able to stuff my problem kitty into her carry-on.

Overall, a stressful experience was made bearable by a lot of good folks with good planning and good sense.

Gratefully yours,

Claudia Herczog
(Resident #1 of GranVida)

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