Donnie Nair Book Signing Was A Memorable Memoir Event

GranVida recently hosted a book reading by Donnie Nair, a Carpinteria resident, Coastal View News columnist, and notable gal about town.

Ms. Nair wears many hats, including mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, real estate agent, and community volunteer.

She’s also the author of a recent memoir––“My Life: So Far, So Good”––that is humorous, poignant, and a must-read for anyone who lives in the area.

Ms. Nair got rave reviews from the dozens of GranVida attendees at her book reading. Additionally, a few of her book reviews on Amazon include:

  • “A wonderful and interesting read!”
    “Memoirs are not usually my thing but Donnie Nair may have changed that. Her writing style is extremely entertaining and her sense of humor is fantastic… A really great story interwoven with an extremely interesting historical backdrop.”
  • “Fun wisdom!”
    “I couldn’t put down Donnie Nair’s collection of memories. These page-turning stories are filled with humor, wisdom and constant reminders of humanity. Starting with specific childhood memories readers will discover to be universal, to revealing secrets on how to become wildly successful, to her thoughts on love, relationships, commitment, business and God, the book is full of wisdom. Besides that, it is just plain fun!”
  • “Fun, enjoyable read.”
    “I loved this book! As I read it, I feel as if I’m sitting in a room with Donnie as she tells her story. It is beautifully presented.”

Buy Donnie Nair’s book on Amazon.

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